The Chronicles of Stanislaw

This page chronicles the adventures of a renegade Time Lord known as Stan and his companions.

We started playing this campaign in February 1999. Our GM & Players were John (Stan, Thelonius), Laura (Natasha), Jason (Ernest Getz, Father Tuckelson, Lee Liu Chang, Stan), Joe (Carabas, Roman, George, Paramanthea, Alpha), and Chris (GM).

In December 1999, Chris left the group in the hopes of a good job and joyous fun in his home town of Smiths Falls. Jason had briefly taken over the GMing role, in a vague and lumpy sort of sense (season 2). In September 2000, Chris returned to Toronto to much fanfare (season 3).

Chris again moved from Toronto in 2001 and was away for 4 years. The game went into hiatus. In the fall of 2005, he returned and the game began again (season 4). Only Jason remained of the original players. Steve (Jeff, Woan) joined the group and Jeremy (Arthur) joined.

We've made it a custom to pass the character of Stanislaw to another player when he regenerates.
It was so that we could get a genuine "new persona" feel to the character.

Recently, Jason has taken over the GMing duties again and Chris is playing the Stanislaw character.

We play in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We play using a slightly modified FASA Dr. Who Gaming Rules.
You can find the modified Character Sheet HERE.

Extreme THANKS to for creating this really really cool Character Sheet!

We're interested in adding another player. If you have roleplaying
experience or you're a big Doctor Who fan and you live near Toronto,
E-Mail some information about yourself to Chris.

This Page was last updated May 16th, 2006