Dr. Who

The Chronicles of Stanislaw Universe


This is some background info on the Dr. Who universe as it pertains to the Chronicles of Stanislaw.


The TV Series


Everything that occurred in the television series occurred in the Stanislaw storyline.


The Virgin New Adventures


The majority of these adventures took place.  Romana was President of the Time Lords.  Ace became a Dalek hunter
(but is still alive).  The Seventh Doctor traveled with Benny, Roz and Chris.  The darker tone of these adventures was also adopted for the Chronicles.


The BBC Eighth Doctor Novels


Vampire Science to The Taking of Planet 5 are canon.  The rest did not occur.  The ‘enemy’ of future Gallifrey is still an unknown force.  Faction Paradox plays a much more minor role in the scheme of villains.


Big Finish Audios


All canon.


The Comics, The Bernice Summerfield Adventures, The PDA’s, and the MA’s


These have no bearing on the game for the time being.