During an uprising, President Romana was kidnapped.  Governor Balinstreetalik appointed Lord Doricvanulthian as interim President.  Various factions vied for control of Gallifrey during the turmoil; The Celestial Intervention Agency, the Cult of Morbius, and the Tomorrow Front (lead by the Rani).  Lady Romana was rescued and the High Council regained control. (E) 


The CIA was then reformed and was controlled directly by the President.  It is now called Intervention, or more commonly I-Branch.


After stabilizing the government, Romana resigned as President.  Her replacement is Tarandeeelinthuliad (Taran), and his is a puppet for the High Council who have taken absolute control.  The High Council is made up of twenty members, and is divided up into three factions : those supporting I-Branch, those opposed, and those who are indifferent.  The High Council members opposed to I-Branch, have formed their own group – “The Borusa Syndicate” – who work to foil I-Branch.


The High Council of Gallifrey


Members supporting I-Branch :


Lord Lyndon

Lady Rhorteve

Lord Varrup

Lady Willome

Lord Chroat

Lord Adverand

Lord Assan

Lord Nephin

Lady Carolage

Lady Meralin


Members supporting Borusa Syndicate :


Lord Romilliad

Lady Sopheen

Lady Lummid

Lord Omnisma

Lord Lege

Lord Sumur





Other members :


Lord Angar

Lord Endio

Lady Bramela

Lord Lullin


Known I-Branch agents :


Renard - Last seen on Earth in the year 33 AD. (R)

Chant – Whereabouts unknown.

Leedus – MIA against Daleks. Presumed dead.


Known Borusa Syndicate agents :


Andred – Former Castellan.  Living on Gallifrey.

Book – Whereabouts unknown.