Cast of Characters


Stan stole a TARDIS while on a guided tour.

He and six other Time Lords were taking an incognito tour of high spots of the galaxy as part of their Academy instruction. Stan stole the TARDIS they were traveling in and slipped away, leaving them stranded on Argolis. Sometimes he feels a little guilty about it but is certain that they could contact Gallifrey and get home safely.

He escaped to Earth in the 70s, where he spent a few years driving a taxi in New York. He adopted the name Stanislaw (Stan for short). He wanted to get some first hand experience of life on another world. This happened a few incarnations ago. Around the same time, Stan started collecting; he collects old toys, lamps, art (paintings and sculpture, mostly from the 20th century onwards), and tacky nicknacks. The TARDIS is full of the things he has collected. There is an ornate gaudy chandelier hanging over the console.


Arthur was a starship pilot from the 25th century when Stan found him trapped within Grakkan's Games in a similar situation.



Woan was a mytical traveller in the search of his mystical identity when he met Stan in Grakkan's Games.